26 July 2016

Project Scope

connect-openerThe Digitizing Africa Project is an academic research opportunity to break down barriers and get a better understanding of the technological advancement in Africa with particular regards to digital technology. The Project intuitively researches the strengths and weaknesses of Sub-Saharan growth in digital technology from a multidisciplinary approach. Combining several elements of research such as engaging industry professionals, academic scholars, and policy makers; surveying the general populace for digital penetration; and evaluating the integrity of the continent’s cyber security infrastructure: to provide an accurate synopsis of digital life in Africa. The work done in the summer of 2015 was unique, exciting, and informative; however, more time is needed to draw distinctive conclusions of the African digital experience. This essential research could then be used to understand the African approach to technology, encourage collaboration with Western-developed nations with their African counterparts, and develop a cultural appreciation for the advancement of the continent of Africa in this light.