26 July 2016

Vision & Mission

Project Vision

Our vision is for an Africa that is better equipped to build on its technological advancements and the ability to sustain its technological revolution.


Project Mission

Our mission is to have African nations encourage the cultivation of digital technology and centralizing the knowledge capital in innoeship-panel-image-11African technological advances. In centralizing this knowledge capital we can draw informed conclusions from progress made so far to transform the digital frontier in Africa to better impact the lives of all Africans on the continent and beyond.

This effort requires the cooperation of every African nation and the Africans in the diaspora to combine insights to further the technological growth on the Continent. The advances or lack thereof in any of the countries ultimately affects their neighbors. The technological growth of the Continent is subject to the interdependence of governments and economies of every region of Africa. However, data-sharing and technological cohesion will ensure a safer and more secure digitizing Africa.