Summer Abstract 2017: Smart Cities in Africa

The following is an abstract for research, Summer 2017 in Sub-Saharan Africa:

Discussing the current and possible technology developments of municipal and regional infrastructures in sub-Saharan Africa. Weighing the benefits and challenges of implementing technology-inclined public policy, this research focuses on reference examples from Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa and the general future developments of digital technology on the Continent.

Photo courtesy of Miles J. Davis ’16

In addition, time will be spent on the importance of a smart city framework and digitally controlled utility systems amongst other things (e.g. integrated emergency services, city-wide monitors for utility usage and control) as the Continent’s population increases exponentially. The results of this research can provide conclusions of how public and private entities, in particular – ventures, can work together to answer the opportunities of population growth and cultural identity while integrating westernized tech policies.

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