Feature: Pan-Africanism in Ghana

Our first feature from the Sites of Memory Initiative: The Pan-Africanism in Ghana Project The project was investigated by undergraduate Tamara Jones ’17. Her project was focused on pan-Africanism and how it is expressed in Ghana versus how it is in the United States. In addition, explored the ideology that all Africans and African descendants Read more about Feature: Pan-Africanism in Ghana[…]

Lehigh University: Scenes from South Mountain

From lehighu.tumblr.com: Freddy Coleman ’17 wanted to do research overseas, so he developed a project that combines his interests in computer science, information systems and Africana studies. Through his Digitizing Africa Project, he studies issues like quality of service and power consumption in Ghana so businesses have the information they need to successfully work there. Read more about Lehigh University: Scenes from South Mountain[…]