Lehigh Africana Studies and Programs in the Republic of Ghana

This summer 2016 was a big year for the Digitizing Africa Project. This summer we were able to expand the scope of the project in Ghana and create the groundwork for new partnerships on the Continent. In the matter of two weeks we were able to travel almost 14,000 miles by air, another 1000 miles in local transport to seek the unique voices of professors, professionals, and the common Ghanaian citizen. More information of our findings will be released in the Annual Report later this year. However, it was also a great summer period for our project sponsor: the Lehigh University Africana Studies Program. The Africana Studies Program at Lehigh is a blend of the teaching and research of the African story that is happening on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean: Africans in Africa and African descendants in the Americas. With this focus, the Lehigh in Ghana study abroad initiative has produced 15 individual programs, including ours. This number of projects investigated by undergraduate students going to a single country for research in one term is unprecedented at Lehigh University.

So in solidarity with our sister projects, we will be begin periodically posting briefings of each project conducted in Ghana this year. These briefings will include the project’s title, project summary, lead undergraduate investigator, and any media associated with their findings. Here at Digitizing Africa Project, we believe the cultural, historical, and economical contextual understanding of Ghana is vital in approaching the analysis of digital life in the country. Thus, it only makes sense that we sponsor the understanding of Ghana in all lights. Check us out tomorrow when we post our first briefing by one of our academic colleagues!


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