NSBE Ghana: The Anticipation

So this marks my official project blog post in Ghana! It’s great to be back in GH! I have missed the homemade meals, the constant honking of the taxis, and of course my favorite – dumsor dumsor. For those who are not familiar with the term, it is a direct reference to an event that plagues several African nations. The mismatch in power supply to the required demand has created regularly scheduled power outages. However, let’s not get off topic!

This Wednesday and Thursday I have the gracious opportunity to attend the Ghanaian Annual Conference for National Society of Black Engineers at University of Cape Coast. At this conference I will be interviewing the US and the Ghanaian national executive leadership of the organisation. I would like to get there thoughts of the rapid digitisation of the Continent in special regards to Ghana and what they are doing to promote this transformation. These interviews amongst the many research sites and historical landmarks will be featured in a video series that will be posted through y time here in Ghana and when I return.

In addition as you might have seen already, I will also be conducting a workshop on college preparedness and the admissions process at the conference. It ties well with this project because a country needs a steady pipeline of professionals that are trained to continue digitizing the Continent. 

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